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Hyphen Press publishes books on design – in the largest sense of the word. Situated in London, our books are mostly produced on the European continent, in the attempt to find good standards of industrial craft. We cherish writing that is lively, precise, free of jargon; pictures that are realistic, vivid. We try to make books that are good for the reader. (June 2018: go here for an overview of Hyphen Press activities.)

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‘This is one of the best books on graphic design ever’

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We agree with Michael Bierut, a serious reader and judge of graphic design books. He made this comment yesterday on the Instagram feed of Adrian Shaughnessy (another serious reader and judge of graphic design books). Earlier, in November 2019, Bierut had praised this book in a Design Observer podcast, rightly pointing to its special flavour as both design scholarship and design journalism. ‘It is just enthralling’, he said. In the podcast, Bierut tells how he found the book by personal recommendation – which is how so many books are sold and bought. Read more