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Maurice Goldring


The architect and typographer Maurice Goldring died on this day. He had developed multiple sclerosis in the 1980s, and had then largely disappeared from the consciousness of his professional colleagues. Born in 1928, Goldring trained as an architect. In the early 1950s he went to Zurich to work with Max Bill, and was among those who joined in the physical construction of the Hochschule für Gestaltung buildings at Ulm. Then he became a student at the HfG Ulm in its first years, where he began to turn to typography. Back in England he worked in the early 1960s with the publications department of the Royal Institute of British Architects, before setting up his own practice in London. Goldring was a strong proponent of standards and standardization in typography. He had no formal connections with Hyphen Press, though he was a friend and colleague of Anthony Froshaug, Peter Burnhill, and (more distantly) Norman Potter. But, apart from this website, there can be few avenues for recording and honouring his life and work. We hope to produce a fuller record in due course.

Remembering Peter Burnhill

Large burnhill 2004

Robin Kinross / 2007.04.17

Peter was there in Stafford as a constant point of reference for me for about thirty years. I remember making what seemed like a pilgrimage from Reading to Stafford, in 1977, to meet him for the first time, and the others around him in the group that made and ran the typography course at the College of Art and Design. Before this, as an undergraduate in the early 1970s, I knew about him as a co-writer of a fundamental article in the journal Visible Language (‘Experiments with unjustified text’), as a presence in the thinking behind our course at Reading, and as one of the people on the network that I had begun to discover – of designers such as Anthony Froshaug, Norman Potter, Ernest Hoch. They were intellectual and practical father figures, who were all apparently ageless in their immediate democratic engagement with anyone: serious (and often very funny), dissenting and leftist, disseminating. Read more

Burnhill obituary


Paul Stiff’s obituary of Peter Burnhill is published in The Guardian today: here

Alexander Verberne

Large verberne working

Robin Kinross / 2009.09.15

The typographer Alexander Verberne died on 27 May 2009. After a stroke in 1997, which was followed by further strokes, he had been seriously impaired and was living in a care-home in The Hague. He was born on 18 August 1924 in Den Helder. Read more

Teus de Jong (1946–2010)

Large teus whole

Robin Kinross / 2010.11.09

Teus de Jong died last week in hospital in Groningen, after a succession of serious illnesses. He was the typesetter of a number of our books, especially the paperbacks designed by Françoise Berserik. I knew him mainly through emails; but I also came to know him in the silent way in which one feels the presence of a compositor who gives order to words that one has edited or perhaps even written. One becomes aware of choices made, decisions taken – of a person behind the construction of the lines of text. Read more

Paul Stiff (1949–2011)

Large paulinrome

Robin Kinross / 2011.04.11

An obituary of Paul Stiff was published in ‘The Guardian’ on 7 April – see here. What follows below is an extended and re-edited version of that text. Read more

Peter Campbell obituary

Large peter campbell


Diana Souhami’s good account is in The Guardian today: here

Remembering Robin Fior

Large robinfior

Robin Kinross / 2012.11.20

Robin Fior died on 29 September, in hospital at Mafra, outside Lisbon. This is not an obituary (his friend Richard Hollis has written a good one), but merely a set of memories of someone I knew, off and on, over twenty or so years. He was part of a certain network of designers in Britain, whose work has provided a main impetus for Hyphen Press. Read more

On George Mackie and his work

Large 1991 nls

Robin Kinross / 2021.01.11

An appreciation of the work of the artist-designer George Mackie (1920–2020) Read more

Remembering Gerrit Noordzij

Large noordzij ub

Robin Kinross / 2022.05.06

Gerrit died a few weeks ago, aged 90. Even more than most human beings, he was complex. He was simple, sophisticated, dogmatic, open, authoritative, anti-authoritarian, inquiring, certain, proud, humble, unpretentious, masterly, amateur. I did not know him well, but did encounter and engage with him and his work over many years. Read more