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The stroke: theory of writing

Gerrit Noordzij

This is the first English-language edition of a major piece of thinking about writing (in its visual manifestation). Noordzij’s short and powerful text, illustrated with his own diagrams and examples, is the best exposition of a theory that is making a still growing impact on designers, and on those thinking about writing and letters.

Our English-language edition of this book has now been taken over by De Buitenkant in Amsterdam. Go here.
[April 2019]

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Counterpunch: making type in the sixteenth century, designing typefaces now

Fred Smeijers

Counterpunch is packed with ideas. It is both an investigation into the technics of making metal type by hand, and a consideration of present questions in type design. The discussion takes in the fundamentals of designing and making letters, so that the book can be read as a guide to type and font construction in any medium. Lively, pointed drawings and photographs complement an equally fresh text.

Out of print. Find out more