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Typography papers 9

This latest issue of the series of Typography papers opens with a beautifully illustrated article by the type designer Gerard Unger on ‘Romanesque’ letters. A further installment of Eric Kindel’s pathbreaking history of stencil letters is published in contributions by him, Fred Smeijers, and James Mosley. Maurice Göldner writes the first history of an early twentieth-century German typefounder, Brüder Butter. William Berkson and Peter Enneson recover the notion of ‘readability’ through a history of the collaboration between Matthew Luckiesh and the Linotype Company. Paul Luna discusses the role of pictures in dictionaries. Titus Nemeth describes a new form of Arabic type for metal composition. The whole gathering shows the remarkable variety and vitality of typography now.

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Typography papers 7

This occasional, book-length work is edited and produced at the Department of Typography, University of Reading, and is now published by Hyphen Press. It publishes extended articles on its subject, exploring topics to the length to which they want to go. Its scope is broad and international, its treatment – serious and lively.

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Modern typography in Britain: graphic design, politics, and society (Typography papers 8)

This remarkable volume is a collection of eleven essays and shorter articles which for the first time provide rich contexts – social, cultural, and political – for graphic design in Britain. Reaching from the Second World War to the early 1970s, they fizz with provocative interconnections: between print culture, photojournalism and publishing, the London of émigrés, political meetings and demonstrations, cultural cafés and art schools. From these disparate milieux emerged new ideas about designing: configuring and picturing the world of facts and processes, shaping them for understanding, learning, and action. Presented here are documents of the nation’s life in war, its reconstruction through the passages from scarcity to plenty, the seeds of later fragmentation, always fertile with multiple intersections between biography and history.

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Typography papers 6

This occasional, book-length work is edited and produced at the Department of Typography, University of Reading, and is now published by Hyphen Press. It publishes extended articles on its subject, exploring topics to the length to which they want to go. Its scope is broad and international, its treatment – serious and lively.

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‘Typography papers’ 6


After much delay, copies of Typography papers 6 are available for sale in Europe.

Publishing ‘Typography papers’


We are very pleased to announce that Hyphen Press is taking over publication of Typography papers: the distinguished, occasional, book-length work from the Department of Typography, University of Reading. In-print back numbers can now be ordered from Central Books. The next issue (number 6) is due for publication in spring 2005.

Kinneir, Reading, ‘Typography papers’

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Paul Stiff / 2005.05.13

Designers, places, publications are woven together and put in historical perspective in this short text by Paul Stiff. It appears in Italian translation in Progetto grafico, no.4/5, 2005, to whose editors we extend thanks and greetings. Read more

‘Type spaces’


The new issue of Typography papers (no. 4), published by the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading contains an article by Peter Burnhill, ‘Type spaces’, and a symposium on these ideas. This is the first presentation of his research into the typography of Aldus Manutius. Burnhill finds a unified system of dimensions to be present there, as both a physical and a syntactic structuring device. A group of designers then respond to this thesis. We plan to publish Burnhill’s work fully, as a book. Meanwhile, readers are urged to get hold of this interim publication.

‘Typography papers’ 7 finished

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We have received the first copies of Typography papers 7 in the office. It looks fine. Four-colour printing is used, for only the second time in Typography papers, for some pictures in Sue Walker’s article on letterforms for young readers in early twentieth-century English publications, and for a remarkable diagram made by Brian Coe, as part of the work of the Graphic Information Research Unit at the Royal College of Art, remembered in an article by Linda Reynolds, its chief researcher. Silver ink is used as a third colour on the cover, to reproduce the letter-stencil that is the subject of Eric Kindel’s article. The issue leads with a path-breaking article on ‘The young Garamont’ by Hendrik Vervliet, and includes also spirited pieces by Giovanni Lussu and the late Justin Howes. Copies of Typography papers 7 should reach our London warehouse in early August, and can then be bought (as usual) through good bookshops. It will be released in North America in the early autumn, when copies arrive at our distributor’s warehouse there. Read more

‘Typography papers’ 8


For a foretaste of Typography papers 8, have a look at Paul Stiff’s ‘Mitteleuropa and Bethnal Green’ (‘Mitteleuropa’ = Central Europe). TP8 is a special issue of the irregular but still serial publication, and for once it will carry a title or subtitle: ‘Modern typography in Britain: graphic design, politics and society’.

‘Typography papers’ 8 (update)


The next Hyphen book, Modern typography in Britain: graphic design, politics, and society – a special issue of Typography papers (no. 8) – is now at the printers. It will be published in September.

‘Modern typography in Britain’ arrived

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This week we received copies of Modern typography in Britain: a very packed and rich set of discussions, which will surely come to define its still too little comprehended subject. The book is at the same time Typography papers 8, and continues Typography papers’s work of publishing fully serious, lively and comprehensible articles. Read more

London after the war


Following his ‘Mitteleuropa and Bethnal Green, 1946’, Paul Stiff expands on another theme of Modern typography in Britain: here

‘Typography papers’: a list of contents

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We get quite frequent enquiries about Typography papers: which issues are still available? how best to try to get hold of out-of-print numbers? contents of the back numbers? And, from subscription agencies: please send us the issue for 2010! We do our best to tell this last kind of enquirer that, from quite early on (after the third issue), Typography papers stopped trying for annual publication and adopted a ’continuing but not annual’ approach: it would appear as and when enough good material had been gathered and the editorial-production group had the time and energy to bring it out. Read more

Paul Stiff (1949–2011)

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Robin Kinross / 2011.04.11

An obituary of Paul Stiff was published in ‘The Guardian’ on 7 April – see here. What follows below is an extended and re-edited version of that text. Read more

Book and zine fair, Spike Island

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This Saturday 20 October we are taking part in the book and zine fair at Spike Island, Bristol – not because we publish experimental literature (we don’t), but because of some Bristol connections (starting with Norman Potter) and because of an exhibition there of pieces designed and printed Desmond Jeffery. Sally Jeffery wrote a wonderful account of this work for Typography papers 8. We will be selling copies of this and other related books at the fair.

‘Wim Crouwel: mode en module’: a review

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Robin Kinross / 2013.04.05

This review of the book ‘Wim Crouwel: mode en module’, by Frederike Huygen and Hugues Boekrad, was written for and published in an issue ‘Typography papers’, now out of print.1 The Crouwel book, as it was often referred to, was issued only in a Dutch edition, which sold out quickly.2 Since then, Wim Crouwel’s renown has only increased. Most recently his work has been celebrated in a major exhibition (at the Design Museum, London, 2011, and on show from this month at The Lighthouse, Glasgow); in The Hague he has been awarded the Gerrit Noordzij Prize (2009, with an exhibition following in 2012). ‘Wim Crouwel: mode en module’ is now something of a fabled work, with large prices asked for second-hand copies. Given the continuing absence of an English-language edition of the book – which would surely be a tough translation, editorial, and production job, as well as an expensive one – this review may be worth resurrecting, as a marker of a moment in the discussion of graphic design. This version of my text is essentially as published in ‘Typography papers’, with a few updating remarks added in the notes. Read more

Books discovered in a cupboard

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A familiar book-trade story: a book sells out, is declared out-of-print. A few years pass and a box of fresh copies of this item turns up in some clear-out or tidy-up in a distributor’s warehouse or a publishing office. This has just happened with Typography papers 6, which we published in 2005. We have 30-odd copies for sale. Read more