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Wright in Reading


An exhibition of Edward Wright’s design work opened yesterday at the Department of Typography in the University of Reading. For two months or so, the public has the chance to see some of the products and working materials of this special man, who in the spirit of the heroic modernists of the earlier twentieth century, did not pay much attention to boundaries between art and design. Yet – he was working in mid-century Britain, and in situations that were often pretty torpid. Read more

Wright in Reading (further)


The Optimod website has further material on the Edward Wright show: here

‘Typography papers’: a list of contents

Large typographypapers 1 cover


We get quite frequent enquiries about Typography papers: which issues are still available? how best to try to get hold of out-of-print numbers? contents of the back numbers? And, from subscription agencies: please send us the issue for 2010! We do our best to tell this last kind of enquirer that, from quite early on (after the third issue), Typography papers stopped trying for annual publication and adopted a ’continuing but not annual’ approach: it would appear as and when enough good material had been gathered and the editorial-production group had the time and energy to bring it out. Read more

Paul Stiff at Reading


A notice about Paul written by Sue Walker: here