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‘Type spaces’ reviewed (2)


An appreciation of the book by Jacques André is published in La Lettre Gutenberg (number 29), with some lamentations about how such a work could not possibly be published in France. He concludes: ‘Ce qui est très rare sur ce sujet et qui sera donc la référence désormais. Livre indispensable donc …’ André expresses a wish for Burnhill’s research to be extended. In fact this is happening just now in Leipzig, where Fred Smeijers is, with his students, testing the theory of a unified system of measurement. We hope to publish the results in due course.

‘Modern typography’ 2 reviewed


A long review of the book is published in the current (number 309) issue of Idea magazine. This piece, extending over 16 pages, is written by Taro Yamamoto, who manages the Japanese typography section of Adobe Systems. Yamamoto suggests that ‘by revising his original edition and publishing a second edition, he [Kinross] has demonstrated that he has continued to think critically’: a pleasing remark about a book that was always intended to be a prompt to reflection and action, rather than some definitive text.

‘Type spaces’ reviewed


In an unusually perceptive appreciation of the book in his ‘Schrift & Charakter’ column (Institut für Textkritik), Roland Reuß defends Burnhill against the charge of over-interpretation (‘the usual objection when someone has thoroughly reflected on something and the public is ashamed’), and even suggests that our book can bear comparison, in its production, with its Aldine subjects. But some hundreds of the public have gone so far as to buy this item; a reprint is being planned.

Published and reviewed


Unjustified texts is available in Europe now. In North America, copies will be in bookshops at the end of January. In his ‘Schrift & Charakter’ column (Institut für Textkritikhttp), Roland Reuß discusses the book, together with another Hyphen work: Christopher Burke’s Paul Renner.

‘The stroke’: a review

Large text 11

Erik Spiekermann / 2006.09.26

Reviews of ‘The stroke’ have begun to appear. Gerrit Noordzij’s writings present a particular challenge to their readers. ‘Do not believe what you read’, the author seems to say. ‘What I am saying is what seems to me to be true; but you need to sort it out for yourself, with the help of my explorations, if they interest you.’ He asks for a thinking-along with him. Not so many reviewers want to put in the work of engagement. Erik Spiekermann’s review appears, in its original German, in the journal ‘Text’ (no. 11, 2006), edited at the Institut für Textkritik, and published in Frankfurt a.M. by Stroemfeld Verlag. For permission to publish this translation, thanks to the editors and publishers of ‘Text’, and Erik Spiekermann. Read more

Feldman in review and in Huddersfield


Feldman is among the featured composers at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival. Tomorrow afternoon (19 November), Chris Villars is speaking about his engagement with Feldman’s music. Coinciding with this, two articles by the composer Christopher Fox have been published: a general introduction to Feldman in The Guardian, and a review article about the book in the Musical Times (autumn 2006) – online only this way. Read more

Our first CD (3)


Further good notices have appeared. Read more

A great venture

Large hpm002


Every one a chaconne, the new release from Hyphen Press Music, is Editor’s Choice of new vocal CDs – with five stars (= ‘exceptional’) – in the January 2010 issue of Classic FM magazine. Opening his perceptive remarks, Andrew Stewart writes: ’There’s something about the openness of sound, the sheer quality of music-making and the sense of connection between performers and composers that makes this a very special recording.’ Elsewhere, the magazine suggests: ’It’s heartening in these cash-strapped times to see our Editor’s Choice slot occupied by a brand-new British label. If you choose to buy the recording, you’ll be supporting a great venture and your ears will be in for a treat, too.’

Our CDs


Last Saturday morning, the two Bach Players CDs were included in a roundup of recent Bach recordings on BBC Radio 3’s ‘CD Review’ programme (one can listen back to this on the BBC website for the rest of this week). Presenter Andrew McGregor had good words to say about the discs, and he found time to play three whole tracks to represent their great diversity of material. He also summed up why these discs are different from the average classical music CD: each is shaped by an idea, and the varied component parts work together to represent that idea. So they go a different route from the familiar ones of presenting similar pieces by a single composer, or stringing together pieces to showcase a certain artist. McGregor said: ’It’s a lovely way of providing a different kind of context for Bach’s music, especially with Hugh Wood’s thoughtfully illuminating notes. The Bach Players have gone an unusual route with these recordings, teaming up not with an established label but with a book publisher specializing in design – Hyphen Press. Bach arranging and arranged is the first volume, Every one a chaconne is the second; I hope there’ll be more.’ There will.

‘Nun komm!’ Outstanding!

Large irr outstanding


Nun komm!, our recently released music CD, has been given an ‘outstanding’ award by International Record Review in its November issue. IRR is by some distance the most serious recorded music publication in the UK, so this is a significant compliment. On this occasion we share the honour with some notable labels, including Harmonia Mundi and Decca. Marc Rochester’s review could hardly be more understanding and appreciative: he really gets what this group is doing. It can be read on our page for the CD. Read more

On E.C. Large

Large ecl 1956

Stuart Bailey and Robin Kinross / 2011.07.06

Our re-issue of two novels by E.C. Large, ‘Sugar in the air’ and ‘Asleep in the afternoon’, and publication of a companion work, ’God’s amateur’, prompted this piece in Lodown (no. 74), the magazine of ‘Populärkultur und Bewegungskunst’, published from Berlin. The introduction and email interviews are by Renko Heuer. Read more