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Hyphen New Series


In collaboration with the graphic design practice Polimekanos we are planning to publish books that can be placed in areas contingent to design, which illuminate design, and which are also good contributions to their own fields. The present programme of publishing on design will continue alongside the new branch. The first of this Hyphen New Series, as we are calling it, is Morton Feldman says: a book of interviews with and lectures by the American composer Morton Feldman. It will be launched on Friday 24 March at the Conway Hall in London, with a concert of Feldman’s music, readings from the book, and a reception.

Three dances


Some of the video material shot by David Reid at our concert for the presentation of Morton Feldman says has now been posted on YouTube. Read more

Hyphen Press Music


We are opening a new music department of Hyphen Press. Later this year the first of a series of CDs by The Bach Players will be issued on the label of Hyphen Press Music. There may be connections between this group and its approach to performance, and Hyphen Press and its approach to making books. But rather than try to spell this out in the abstract, it should be enough to say that the CDs will be enjoyable, and rather special. As a starter we are selling an already available CD from another area of music: Morton Feldman jazz tributes published by Chris Villars, editor of Morton Feldman says. This too is a special production, and a very enjoyable one.