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Erik Spiekermann

Erik Spiekermann is a partner in Edenspiekermann in Berlin and Amsterdam, and a writer at Spiekerblog. From 1979 to 2000 he was the leading figure in the design practice MetaDesign.


‘The stroke’: a review

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Erik Spiekermann / 2006.09.26

Reviews of ‘The stroke’ have begun to appear. Gerrit Noordzij’s writings present a particular challenge to their readers. ‘Do not believe what you read’, the author seems to say. ‘What I am saying is what seems to me to be true; but you need to sort it out for yourself, with the help of my explorations, if they interest you.’ He asks for a thinking-along with him. Not so many reviewers want to put in the work of engagement. Erik Spiekermann’s review appears, in its original German, in the journal ‘Text’ (no. 11, 2006), edited at the Institut für Textkritik, and published in Frankfurt a.M. by Stroemfeld Verlag. For permission to publish this translation, thanks to the editors and publishers of ‘Text’, and Erik Spiekermann. Read more